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D&D Beholder TShirt

Behold your master! All eyes (all 11 eyes) will be on you when you wear this garment. Your friends and family will be paralyze with awe at how charming you look. And your master, this beholder with an odd perspective, will be so please he may choose to spare your life, unless you're one of those pesky adventurers out to ruin his plans. This t-shirt features the cover image from Bleeding Gate part 3, a Dungeons and Dragons, Adventurers League convention created content adventure.


D&D Peacesmith TShirt

All graduates of the Peacesmith Guild need their school tshirt! You pride yourself as a master negotiator who uses violence, in the defense of others and yourself, only as a last resort. This t-shirt features the Peacesmith symbol from Bleeding Gate, a Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League created content module.


RPG "The One is Fun" TShirt

You cup your hand around your d20, shake, and let it go! It spins and tumbles, rocks and settles and--a "1" stares boldly up at you. It is an embarrassingly funny misstep, a particularly difficult challenge to overcome, or an awkward distraction. Have fun with the 1; the 1 is fun!